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10 Back to School Essentials (Dorm Room Edition)

July 30, 2019

Written by Intern Kevin Luu 
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Everyone has their own “essentials” that they need for their dorm rooms to start the school year off right. This blog will give you a list of what I think are the main necessities for surviving the challenges and unknowns that school can throw at you. In addition to this list,there are still many things that students will need for their dorm rooms.

  1. ISlides- Sandals are essential for walking around the dorm comfortably as well as in the shower. If you want your feet to be clean and comfortable, get yourself a pair of ISlides to wear around. 
  2. Laptop- Nowadays, everything done at school is online so laptops are critical to have an effective college experience. Without one, it would be nearly impossible to keep up with what you have to do.
  3. Headphones- Headphones are great for when you want to block out the distractions around you and focus on your work. There are many different kinds of headphones in the market, so there are a lot of options to choose from. Music is a great stress-reliever that has the ability to get students through heavy workloads.
  4. Reusable Water Bottle- Society is moving towards a more sustainable future. Plastic water bottles can easily be eliminated if people start using more reusable water bottles so that waste doesn’t build up. 
  5. Chargers- Electronics can be found just about everywhere in our lives. Chargers are essential for keeping your electronics like phones and laptops charged and ready to use for class and other extracurriculars. Forgetting your charger can be devastating.
  6. Mattress Topper- We all know dorm mattresses are very uncomfortable. That’s why mattress toppers are a must-have if you are trying to have a good sleep throughout the school year.
  7. Posters, Pictures, or Other Decorations- All students should design and decorate their rooms to reflect who they are. A dorm room is a chance for students to be free and adventurous. Design your room to your liking.
  8. Medicine- Living in residence halls in college means living with a lot of people and germs. Sometimes students get sick, which is why you should always have emergency medicine in the room, just in case.
  9. Snacks- Everyone gets hungry from time to time so it doesn’t hurt to be fully stocked with snacks that you and your friends can have whenever you feel like it.
  10. Speaker- Sometimes you might want to blast some music and relax with friends. A portable speaker is a great way to jam out and dance. It’s never a good time without a speaker blasting your favorite music.

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