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    Dreaming Big with JJ McCarthy

    Dreaming Big with JJ McCarthy
    JJ McCarthy, Michigan QB, launches partnership with ISlide by designing his first signature pair of slides with two kids from his charitable organization: JJ for the Kids Foundation

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    ISlide Secures MLS License

    ISlide Secures MLS License


    BOSTON (March 23, 2021) --  ISlide, known for their ability to create custom slide sandals within days using a proprietary production process, announced today that it has entered a two-year licensing deal with the Major League Soccer (MLS) to manufacture and distribute footwear products and designs featuring MLS team logos. ISlide will be launching the new licensed collection with more than 81 initial custom designs on March 30th, just in time for the start of the 2021 MLS Season which begins on Saturday, April 17th. These will be available at www.islideusa.com, www.fanatics.com, and www.MLSshop.com on March 30th.

    “Slides. Socks. and Soccer is a tale as old as time. It was quite literally one of the biggest convincing factors in why I started ISlide.”  said Justin Kittredge, Founder and CEO of ISlide Since 2013 our success within the soccer community at the youth level has grown more and more, so  I’m incredibly excited to begin working with the MLS to bring the same unique offering we’ve brought to other major sports leagues.” 

    Stand In What You Stand For

    Founded in 2013 by footwear industry veteran Justin Kittredge, and boasting a diverse group of experienced and celebrity investors, ISlide has quickly become the global leader in slide footwear innovation with growth in the market year over year. While offering a range of custom designs through collaborations, partnerships, and licensing deals, ISlide also allows the individual customer to uniquely customize their own pair with any passion in mind. ISlide appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank Season 8 premiere with Antonio Brown alongside and has since been seen on the feet of countless athletes and celebrities including Lebron James, Rob Gronkowski, Sidney Crosby, Ice Cube, Steph Curry, Justin Bieber, and more. ISlide,who created DJ Khaled's famous "Another One" and "Bless Up" sandals, fuses fashion with athletics by leveraging the branding of well known licenses such as Warner Brother, NBA, Overwatch League, MLB, Nickelodeon, NFLPA, NHL, WNBA, Death Row Records, and others to create officially licensed custom designs. 

    For more information or to get started on your pair of ISlide’s visit www.ISlideUSA.com.

    To stay up to date, follow @ISlideUSA on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

    ISlide Celebrates Super Bowl 55

     Celebrate the Biggest Game of the Year in Style with ISlide

    Whether you're watching for the game, the halftime show, or the snacks, ISlide has you covered  come gameday.

    Stand in what you stand for with exclusive collections highlighting this years Super Bowl.


    The Matchup 

    This year's game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs is guaranteed to be one for the ages.



    The Kansas City Chiefs are led by gunslinger Patrick Mahomes, who at just 25 years old is revolutionizing the NFL with his creative playmaking and signature arm talent


    Along with fellow weapons Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, the Chiefs offense has been almost impossible to stop all season

    Shop Kansas City Designs Here



    Six time super bowl champion, Tom Brady leads the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Considered one of the greatest to ever play the game, Tom continues to cement his hall of fame legacy.


    Fan favorite Rob Gronkowski and Mike Evans lead a talented Buccaneer offense as they look forward to putting on a show in front of their hometown fans.

    Shop Tampa Bay Designs Here 


    Good Eats


    It wouldn’t be Super Bowl Sunday without the platters of food to come with it. 

    From classic tacos, spicy burritos, or cheesy nachos Taco Bell is the perfect compliment to any Super Bowl party platter


     Live Mas and shop the exclusive Taco Bell collection. 


    The Perfect Combo

    Nothing is more refreshing than an ice cold Natty Light while watching the game. 



    Not your drink of choice? How about a nice glass of Captain Morgan to liven up any gathering. 


    Shop refreshing designs inspired by Natural Ice, Busch, Captain Morgan and more. 


    All that's left is to relax, kickback in your slides, and enjoy the game.


    Billion Success Interview

    Billion Success Interview

    Stand In What You Stand For with ISlide Founder, Justin Kittredge

    To read the full interview by Billion Success, click here

    What is ISlide all about?

    ISlide is all about self-expression, and the freedom to do so. Back in 2013, the trends in footwear showed as much as a 25% growth in the slide industry, specifically. I saw there was no one filling the void of creating a high-quality version that is also customizable. Fast forward, 7 incredible years later, and we’re the only premium slide sandal company in the world that can make and send out a pair to anyone under two weeks. And with that, we’ve seen an incredible amount of designs. From licensed and custom logos, to phrases, to family photos, and even inside jokes, people love the opportunity to create something that they feel connected to.

    Tell us how you started your company and then ended up on Shark Tank?

    I was the Head of Basketball Product at Reebok when ISlide became an idea. Having spent 10 years at Reebok at that point, I knew I wanted to create a brand of my own. The idea of creating a product, service, business model, and working with incredible minds had long been a dream of mine. And to be honest, I’m not sure exactly what led me to quite literally start the research and process, but I do recall being at one of my daughter’s soccer games and noticing the custom gear that went head to toe… well almost. I mean, her team had custom team hats, sweaters, water bottles, pants, and just about anything else you could imagine, except slides. As far as Shark Tank, that really came to fruition through persistent pitching for about 3 years. The DJ Khaled collab we did also played a major factor. That got us a lot of attention that we were able to leverage and really introduce ourselves to the world. One of the Shark Tank producers really fell in love with our story, so we also got help on that end.

    What was the biggest problem you encountered with your business and how did you overcome it?

    I’d say the biggest problem, or more so challenge really, was and continues to be, how to grow at the right speed. So many companies fail due to growing too fast and not being able to keep up or growing too slow and dying out. Cash flow is also a big part of our strategy. We have investment rounds every 12-24 months to maintain funds and really capture some big opportunities that our team is ready for.

    What were the top mistakes you made starting your business and what did you learn from it?

    Gratefully I haven’t had any major mistakes. I think a lot of that can be attributed to having great investors who also act as advisors. Our group of investors have an incredible amount of experience and success in a variety of different parts of the business so as long as I continue to be communicative, I have the luxury of learning from them and avoiding most mistakes. One of my favorite sayings is “life is too short to make the same mistake twice”. Obviously, there is also a bit of luck as well but as a team we also do a great job of finding creative and alternative solutions.

    What is one thing that you do daily to grow as an entrepreneur?

    In 2021, I’m really focused personally on being more aware of my body and health. I’ve learned a lot about how all the different types of health correlate, mentally, physically, emotionally, and understand that ultimately I can’t continue to become a better CEO, Mentor, Innovator, Leader or whatever, without being bettering myself first. Starting with my mind and body.

    To read the full interview by Billion Success, click here

    Introducing: Out of This World Comfort

    Introducing: Out of This World Comfort

    Break the mold with one of the most anticipated additions since we took our first steps over 7 years ago, with our classic Mantra model.

    STAND IN WHAT YOU STAND FOR is more than a tagline to us. It’s how we live, work and play. It’s also what helps guide every decision we make. One of the things we stand for is to constantly raise the bar through product design & innovation.

    We asked ourselves, how do you make the comfiest slides in the world, the comfiest in the galaxy? 

     You add a gel foot bed with signature relief pro lining massaging and designs that are out of this world. If you have a pair from the past, you know what we mean.


    But, these aren’t your typical gels. THESE Gels are built on our classic Mantra, making them adjustable and more importantly, CUSTOMIZABLE.


    Two Colors, Unlimited Design Options

    Start with classic white/black, or take things to new heights with black/galaxy. Start your design now and ride your own wave.

    Break the Mold with your Favorite NBA Team


    Looking for something truly unique? We’ve got you covered (but not for long). Start the New Year with some flair with our exclusive NBA Wave Gel collection, now available in both colors.

    Every team, one gel

    We got you covered with all 30 NBA teams; including the best of the bubble, world champion Los Angeles Lakers, star studded Brooklyn Nets and our hometown Boston Celtics.

    Shop NBA Wave Gels >

    Explore a new galaxy

    Do Aliens really exist? Explore the unknown with a pair of space inspired gel slides on a fresh pair of galaxy slides. Shop All >