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    How to Have the Perfect Stay-Cation

    COVID-19 may have cancelled your summer trips, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an enjoyable vacation from the comfort of your own home. So slip on your favorite pair of ISlides and follow our 10 tips on having the perfect stay-cation this summer: 

    Order In

    Support your favorite local restaurant by ordering a special take-out feast. Travel the would of food by trying new cuisines every night. It’s too hot to cook, anyways. 

    Get out and explore nature

    Take time away from your busy life to explore the great outdoors. Go on a hike, take a bike ride, or simply lounge in your own backyard. Spend some time with the people you love and bask in nature's wonders. 

    Cool down

    Whether it be at the pool, the beach, or at home with the garden hose, it’s easy to forget there’s a pandemic when you’re having fun (at a distance of course).

    Go to the movies, right from your own house.

    Pop some popcorn, grab some snacks, and put on your favorite flick. Whether it’s an action, comedy, or mystery, a movie is the best way to escape the horror that is 2020.

    Have an at-home spa day

    What better way to relax and put your mind at ease than to pamper yourself. Take a bath or find recipes to make homemade soaps and scrubs. 


    Take some time away from your emails, calls and social media to simply relax. You’re on vacation, there’s no time for work. 

    Learn a new skill

    Time to learn a new skill! Everyone has that one project that they have always said they want to take up but never had the time. Whether it's painting, knitting, reading a new book, or experimenting with making drinks, now is the time to act on that hobby of yours that you never got around to before.

    Take some travel inspired pictures

    Dawn your favorite outfit (complete with a pair of ISlides) and take some travel-inspired photos that will make all your followers jealous.

    Make some music

    Although concerts are canceled this summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy live music. Invite some friends and neighbors over for a distanced at-home concert, right from your front porch. 

    Go play

    From indoor board games to fun in the yard, there are countless ways to keep yourself entertained. So, grab the family and strike up a friendly competition.

    Design a custom pair of slides.

    Make staying home stylish. Be sure to design a pair of custom ISlides to stand in what you stand for all summer long. You design it, we build it.

    While you’re relaxing at home, be sure to wear your ISlides for the ultimate comfort and style. Design your own or Shop our summer collection now.

    Written by: Laura Kirchner and Joscelyn Paglia

    Celebrate the Return of Sports

    Just because we can’t get to arenas this summer, doesn’t mean sports are cancelled. Sports are back, and the time has come to cheer on your favorite teams again. Take a look at our ideas to spice up game days from your home.

    Slip Into Your Lucky Slides


    Support your team from head to toe. Gear up on game days with a pair of our comfortable licensed Slides. Use them as a good luck charm to boost morale.

    Re-Imagine Your Man Cave

    Maybe you’ve got a man cave, perfect for watching the big game. But if not, don’t fret. With a few added decorations, any space can become the perfect hub for viewing. Get creative. Try an outdoor theater with a projector.

    Cook Up Something Good

    It’s not game day without some snacks to chow down. A seven layer dip? Pigs in a blanket?  Don’t be scared to try new recipes. The perfect game day always involves the perfect food to snack on. With more time on your plate, explore new ideas.

    Crack Open a Cold One

    The best way to watch football is with a cool drink in hand (for those 21+ of course). Plus, whether your drink of choice is Busch Light, Natural Light, or Captain Morgan, we have slides to match.

    Get Hyped

    Get excited. Your favorite players are playing again. Play your favorite music, wear your team’s colors, paint your face! Show the world how excited you are for your favorite pastime.

    Go Out and Play

    Let’s face it, we’re been deprived of sports for far too long. But you can get in on the action right from home. Shoot some hoops or throw a ball around with your family or friends.

    What are your game day rituals? We want to know! Share how you’re cheering your team on from home on social, and don’t forget to tag @ISlideUSA.

    Check out our Fan Shop and take 25% off using code SPORTS25 at checkout.

    Applies to NBA, NHL, MLB, NFLPA, WNBA, OVERWATCH, NASCAR, and NCAA Designs.

    Written by: Laura Kirchner and Joscelyn Paglia

    Sports Business Daily - Business Update



    Consumers have made slides the footwear of choice during the pandemic.

    With pro sports largely sidelined since March, most sports licensing companies are having their worst year ever, especially apparel manufacturers. A notable exception is ISlide. The seven-year-old Boston-based company, which makes customized licensed slides, is now forecasting its best sales year ever. The company's success is largely due to its model of low inventory and at-once production, along with consumers’ adoption of slides as the footwear of choice during the at home pandemic period. ISlide Founder & CEO Justin Kittredge said, "They’re like sweatpants, everyone’s work at home uniform." Slides were already trending. Before the pandemic, the company was projecting 30% growth. The pandemic hit in March and eight of 25 workers were furloughed. In April, ISlide got a $300,000 PPP loan and hired them back. May turned into the second-best sales month in company history, while June was third best. Now, ISlide is predicting its best sales year ever, with 47% growth projected, as DTC and drop-shipping for other sites has mushroomed into 90% of its business. It also has recently launched a customized line of matching socks to complement the slides. “We were in the right market at the right time and consumers responded,’’ said Kittredge. "We’ve started to sell a few robes lately; maybe we’ll just become the comfortwear company."

    For the full article, head to this link



    BOSTON, MA (July 15, 2020) -- Exactly 7 years to date, ISlide, the global leader in premium custom slides is announcing  their expansion into the custom sock market with the launch “Perfect Pair” campaign. Officially, the only company to offer perfectly matching socks to accompany premium slides, ISlide’s went to market with a plethora of familiar sport faces including Brian Scalabrine. Tacko Fall, Kristine Lilly, Micky Ward, Arike Ogunbowale, and others. 

    The new socks will feature much of the same operational process that has allowed ISlide to become the go-to option for countless professional teams, celebrities, and athletes for the past 7 years. The new product boasts performance benefits such as arch & ankle support, moisture wicking fabric and ventilation to help control odor. They are also designed and produced in the USA.

    “What was once thought of as a trend, slides and socks have become a mainstay over the past several years. We’ve seen the look evolve from athletes and tastemakers to people of all backgrounds and demographics. We’re beyond excited to be able to offer a truly unique custom product to an underserved segment of the population” said Justine Kittredge, Founder and CEO of ISlide. 

    Founded in 2013, by footwear industry veteran, Justin Kittredge, ISlide has been the global leader in slide footwear innovation by offering a premium product with 100% custom design capabilities, as well as world renowned licenses and partnerships. ISlides have been extremely popular with athletes and celebrities such as  Lebron James, Rob Gronkowski, Sidney Crosby, Steph Curry, Justin Bieber, and more.  ISlide uses fashion with athletics by partnering with the NBA, Fanatics, Epic Records, Dicks Sporting Goods, and others to create officially custom designs. 

    For more information or to get started on your pair of ISlide’s visit www.islideusa.com

    To stay up to date, follow @ISlideUSA on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


    About ISlide: 

    ISlide is the industry leader in premium, custom slides. Founded in 2013 by Justin Kittredge, a footwear industry veteran with 2 decades of experience, ISlide has amassed over 50 licenses and more than a dozen partnerships. ISlide enables consumers to create their custom design on high-quality athletic and high fashion-inspired slides, enabling individual expression and self-representation with peers, family, and friends, embodying the message “Stand In What You Stand For.” 

    Media Contact: 

    Gregory McEachern 

    Head Of Marketing, ISlide USA





    2020 National ISlide Day

    2020 National ISlide Day

    National ISlide Day Is This Saturday!

    In 3 days (June 20th), we’re asking for your help in celebrating our 5th annual National ISlide Day! Everybody remembers the feeling of getting their first pair of ISlides or even creating your own design. Obviously this year we won’t be able to celebrate in person BUT, we will still be hosting giveaways, dropping new designs, and having tons of fun with all of you who have supported us over the years! 

    So, be sure to keep an eye on ALL of our social channels (even TikTok) because you aren’t going to want to miss this. We need everyone to get involved and help us spread the word and fun. From shoutouts to photos, to commenting, and sharing, we encourage everyone to get involved and tag us. 

    Looking forward to all the pictures and posts of ISlides! Happy early National ISlide Day!




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