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NFLPA Emoji MVP Candidates

August 29, 2020

NFLPA Emoji MVP Candidates


To celebrate our new NFLPA Emoji Collection, we decided to break down which Emojis may be trending towards an MVP award this season. Check it out to see if your favorite player is on our list. If he’s not, let us know why he should be.  

5) Lamar Jackson

As the reigning MVP, Lamar’s got our #BigTruzz that he’ll have another winning season, but with a full year on tape for other teams to study, he may be due for some regression.






4) Russell Wilson

Russ would be higher on this list if his Emoji were wearing a chef’s hat and apron. #LetRussCook. We’re talking to you, Pete Carroll. 






3) Kyler Murray

Kyler’s Emoji has a headband and is cute like Baby Yoda. Kliff Kingsbury is one lucky guy.



This is the way. (inspired by Seahawks Twitter, I know) : AZCardinals


2) Dak Prescott 

Dak may not have been rewarded with a contract extension, but Jerry did give him his own Emoji. Oh, and CeeDee Lamb, too. 






1) Patrick Mahomes 

  Pat got his own Emoji (with a headband)and a massive contract extension this offseason. Don’t tell Dak. 







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