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2020 National ISlide Day

June 18, 2020

2020 National ISlide Day

National ISlide Day Is This Saturday!

In 3 days (June 20th), we’re asking for your help in celebrating our 5th annual National ISlide Day! Everybody remembers the feeling of getting their first pair of ISlides or even creating your own design. Obviously this year we won’t be able to celebrate in person BUT, we will still be hosting giveaways, dropping new designs, and having tons of fun with all of you who have supported us over the years! 

So, be sure to keep an eye on ALL of our social channels (even TikTok) because you aren’t going to want to miss this. We need everyone to get involved and help us spread the word and fun. From shoutouts to photos, to commenting, and sharing, we encourage everyone to get involved and tag us. 

Looking forward to all the pictures and posts of ISlides! Happy early National ISlide Day!








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