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Valentines Day Gift Guide

January 27, 2023

Valentines Day Gifts

It’s that time of year, love is in the air and we are all scrambling to buy a gift for that special someone. We want to save you the headache of forgetting to get a gift or just going to the store the day of and buying a heart of chocolates. It's 2023, time to step up the quality of gifts this year. We've got designs for everyone and if you don't like what we offer, just head over to our customizer and create your own pair. You can put a picture, logo, text, basically anything you want on ISlides, within reason. 

Check out these options first... 

For your boyfriend...

Ladies, if your guy’s favorite place is courtside at an NBA game or just chilling on the couch for NFL Sunday, our officially licensed team slides will make him cheer even louder on weekends. Choose from one of our pre-designed licenses or customize your own to help the sports fan in your life rock his team pride in style.

To check out all of our licensed ISlide designs, click here.

For your girlfriend...

Guys, the whole flowers and chocolate thing is great, but when's the last time you got your girlfriend a real gift on Valentines Day. Hey, that's a decent gift. The flowers will die in a week and you'll probably end up eating all the chocolate like every year. Buy her a pair of ISlides so she will sit on the couch with you and watch your favorite team any day or night. Better yet, get her a pair of ISlides with her alma matter on them. Trust me, this gift will not disappoint. 

To check out all of our College Licenses, click here.

For those who just can't decide...

The beauty of our business is that you can essentially create any sort of design on your ISlides. Fully customized and fully unique to whoever is receiving these as a gift. You can even put their name on the side to make the pair all theirs. We've seen people put their pets, their friends faces, their company logo, you name it, it has probably been put on a pair of ISlides.

Head over to our customizer and create a 1 of 1 pair of ISlides for them today. 

This will be the best gift you give to someone. 

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