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5 Life Hacks with ISlides

March 10, 2017

5 Life Hacks with ISlides

ISlides are more than just the comfiest sandals in the whole world. They're useful AF, too. Check out a few ways you can use your favorite shoes to make life a little bit easier.

1. Always know which is your left and right.
Never ever get confused again. Customize your ISlides to feature the word “Left” on the left slide and “Right” on the right slide, and you will never mix up your directions again (just don't wear them on the wrong feet!)

2. Do you have multiple kids/
twins/the same size shoe as your roommate? Never confuse your shoes again.
You will now know EXACTLY whose is whose, because, just like the deli meat and milk in the fridge, your slides are labeled. Whether you are a team of players, or group of friends, individualized ISlides keep your pairs personal(ized).

3. Daily reminders.
Got something you do every day? Put it on some slides and you will never forget to do it. Some personal reminders: “Drink Water,” “Get Coffee,” “BREATHE,” and “Keys, Phone, Wallet” (in that order).  What’s a daily reminder you would put on slides? Let us know @ISlideusa.

4. Start a footwear brand
Hats and tees are cool (we have some ourselves), but the future of brand building is with FOOTWEAR. They do say, “when you walk into a room, the first thing people look at is your shoes.” Perfect place for your awesome new brand logo. We see the vision, fam, so let’s build. Get your footwear brand started right here right now.

5. They're a canvas for art
Calling all artists! You can now bring your art with you everywhere you go. Use ISlides as a canvas for your latest, greatest or favorite works of art. Our color capabilities are pretty much limitless, so whether you're a graphic designer, street artist, painter, or photographer, we got you covered. Just dont steal other peoples art and put it on your slides. That’s not cool, and our customer service will hunt you down.


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