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An Open Letter to ISlide - Kicking Off 2018

January 08, 2018

An Open Letter to ISlide - Kicking Off 2018

- CEO and Janiitor

2018 is going to be ISlide's best year. This isn't being cocky or setting our expectations too high but it's just a reality. We have worked too hard as a team to put ourselves in the best possible position to succeed that there is no other choice. This is what the last year of our lives looked like. We have moved factories overseas and created a more efficient process for each Slide we make. We moved our domestic headquarters into the city of Boston in a facility that not only can handle us now but even for exponential growth. We implemented a year long ERP system and grew from 8 to 25 employees. Even with all of this madness in 2017, we still grew by over 30%.


Work Hard - Play Hard. Everything about ISlide is full of passion and heart. And all of us Stand In What We Stand For.It wasn't easy and we had to make some tough decisions but in the end it has put us in the best possible position. I often think about the effect of growing too fast or too slow and what it can do to a business. So often startups only think about sales and that’s it, but I've also seen many fail because they had a tough time handling the logistics of either scenario. Our operations is our engine and it has to be a well oiled machine so the rest of the company can drive the business. We can't ever take for granted the opportunity we have in front of us. 

What drives me more than anything this year, 2018, is the thought of regret. The regret of not working hard enough. The regret of not growing the business the way we want to grow it. The regret of expanding beyond on our culture. The regret of not sharing the vision for the company in a detailed enough way.

This is our our year to let the world know who we are. 

From suitsnslides to shooting jumpers, we’re ready for everything 2018.


Stand In What You Stand For - JK







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