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Your Canvas

November 16, 2018

Your Canvas

For the past 5 years, we've spent countless hours brainstorming, creating, and perfecting slides for our customers to wear. Over the years we've learned which colors should stick around year-round and which ones are most appreciated during certain times (among a few hundred other things). We even changed the game with the introduction of wave gels a few years ago..but this year we're taking it to a whole new level.

During the month of November, we released a new slide every Friday, as part of our “Your Canvas.” campaign and with the releases of our latest color, we can assure you that next week won't be one to miss. 

So catch up on all the artist highlights that we've already launched and get ready for the biggest change in the slide game since wave gel. 


Megan Carty  Full Collection: http://bit.ly/CartyCollection

Demetri Espinosa Full Collection: http://bit.ly/EspinosaCollection

Bedelyn Dabel Full Collection: http://bit.ly/FLECollection

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