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Footwear for the Year

July 28, 2019

Written by Intern Kevin Luu 

Are you looking for comfortable footwear to wear all year round? Then ISlides are the product for you. There is no denying thatslides are in and sandals are out if you’re going for both styleand comfort. Nowadays, there are more varieties and styles when it comes to slides, and ISlide provides you with all of that and more. From customizations to pattern matching, ISlide will allow you to express yourself through your footwear while being comfortable at the same time. 

stars and stripes mantra


Slides are not just a summer thing anymore. ISlide has slides fit for colder weather with itsNubuck Fur slides, while offering a comfortable and “furry” foot bed that won’t disappoint. Add in some socks and you’ll be ready to take on the winter season. Traditional sandals are outdated and lack personal creativity. Slides give you freedom to be more outgoing and unique, especially with a pair of ISlides. 

If you’re not looking for furry slides, the ISlide Mantra model is perfect to walk around in. These slides are designed to massage your feet while you walk, relieving the stress from your feet. There are many options out there in the slide market from Nike to Adidas to Gucci. However, if you want something different, unique, and comfortable, the best option is to get some ISlides and brag about them to your friends.

Nubuck Furs

Here is how to rock slides every season:
Spring:Wear a pair of Mantra ISlides for a walk outside or just relaxing. It is the perfect way to impress the people around you and doing so in comfort.
Summer:Take your slides to the beach or a pool party and enjoy yourself. Take in the sun and put on some slides. This makes for a perfect day in the summer.
Fall:Rock some socks and slides on a nice fall day if you want to switch up your style. Sneakers can get boring so don’t hesitate to slip on some slides on your way out.
Winter:Are your feet cold during the winter? Don’t worry. The Nubuck Furs will be able to keep your feet warm around the house. Warm. Comfortable. Lightweight. That’s all you could ever ask for during the cold winters.


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