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How to Be Festive This Fourth of July

July 03, 2019

This Blog Was Written By: Cassie Lane

Fourth of July

It’s already that time of the summer again, where it feels like it’s almost over. Or maybe that’s just because I have to go back to school in less than two months… How is it already July?! At least we have the 4th to look forward to! What started as a celebration for the birth of the Declaration of Independence has now become a spectacle of fireworks, BBQs, and red, white, and blue festivities. Some people even take the whole week off from work to indulge in the patriotic holiday!

But what is it about the Fourth of July that gets everyone so excited?

July 4th was one holiday that I enjoyed, but never seemed to be all that thrilled about. I mean, the fireworks are cool and who doesn’t love a good burger on the barbie? But as I’ve gotten older, the 4th seems to grow in popularity with age. The holiday is a lot more prominent among my friends and coworkers, as they plan big parties and get-togethersweeks in advance. It’s that one holiday during the summer that everyone has off, and it doesn’t involve stressful last-minute gift shopping or present-wrapping. Instead, the 4th of July is a full day of sun, relaxation, and all-you-can-eat potato salad (or maybe that’s just my family!).

Whether you like to lay low and chill on the beach or throw a wild backyard BBQ with friends and family, the 4th is a time to take a breather from the daily grind and to celebrate with loved ones from morning into night. And you know what? This being the first summer that I’ve ever worked full time, I finally understand it now…

So, to get myself even more in the spirit of the Fourth of July, I made a list of 10 fun things to do to get the most out of our one summer holiday! Oh, and our Independence Day!

  1. Go to a parade

There’s really no age limit to something like a parade. Seeing people decked out in festive costumes, catching the candy they throw at you, and joining in on the excitement of the whole crowd that’s watching along with you really brings back all those childhood memories… And hey, free candy!

  1. Watch a firework show

It doesn’t get more “4th of July” than this. What other day of the year do you get to see a whole array of colorful explosions igniting the sky? It truly is a captivating and worthwhile experience, especially when it gets to the finale.

  1. Pack up for the beach

Who wouldn’t want an excuse to enjoy a day off from work sitting right by the ocean? Pack a picnic lunch and sunbathe until the sun goes down. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Bringing sparklers on the beach (where allowed) to enjoy at night time is a great way to add to that 4th of July feeling!

  1. Have a bonfire with s’mores

Nothing says summer quite like toasting marshmallows and sitting around a fire with your loved ones. It’s a great way to carry out the festivities into the night, especially as it starts to cool down!

  1. Host a cook-out or party

If there’s one thing besides fireworks that the 4th of July is known for, it’s the food. All the salads, pies, and grilled meat you could possibly hope for! I can already smell the over-cooked hamburgers and charred hotdogs…

  1. Play ball!

There’s nothing more American than a good ‘ol game of baseball (no offense to football fans). Hit the field with friends and family and cool off with a refreshing glass of cold lemonade!

  1. Make some red, white, and blue recipes

If you really want to be festive, you’ve gotta go all out with the red, white, and blue. Food is no exception. From a simple fruit cup filled with blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream, to red, white, and blue daiquiris, there’s no shortage ofpatriotic-colored recipes out there.

  1. Plan a trip to a place of historical importance

While we get swept away in all the fun festivities, it’s easy to forget the reason we celebrate July 4th in the first place. Even if you’re not a history buff, it can still be a fascinating and eye-opening experience to revisit some of the most prominent moments in America’s past. Whether it be a trip to Philly to visit the Liberty Bell or walking the Freedom Trail in our very own Boston, there’sa number of places you can go to make your 4th funand educational.

  1. Make fun and festive crafts

Spending time makingred, white, and blue DIY crafts is not only fun on its own, but it can also make the perfect décor for your 4th of July party! Who doesn’t love confetti poppers?! Unless you’re the one cleaning up the mess…

  1. Get dressed up for the occasion!

There’s no better way to be festive than to break out all the red, white, and blue clothing and accessories you have! But you know what beats American flag T-shirts and star-spangled bandanas? Our very ownPatriotic slides collection! Or maybe you’ve got a favorite patterned shirt that you dig out from the depths of your closet just to show off at special occasions. Why not make amatching pair of slides to really top off your outfit? Either way, your unique and festive slides will be the talk of the party, and what better way to celebrate the 4th than with styleand comfort! 

Comment with your plans for the 4th of July!

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