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Intern Blog: My Favorite Collection

June 23, 2018

Intern Blog: My Favorite Collection

I remember coming home from elementary school and immediately bolting into the living room, turning on the TV, and putting on Nickelodeon. I would sit back and watchRocket Power, Hey Arnold!, andSpongebob. When there was a commercial, I’d change the channel to Nickelodeon GAS (which stood for Game and Sports), the channel that was home to gems such asDouble Dare andLegends of The Hidden Temple. These shows helped me pass the time, taught me life lessons, and have a special place in my heart.

When I saw ISlide’s Nickelodeon collection for the first time, I was overcome with nostalgia as I got re-acquainted with the shows and characters that I grew up with. I clicked on theHey Arnold! tab and saw Gerald and Arnold back hanging out together. I skipped over to theSpongebob tab and laughed when I saw the caveman-version of Spongebob scowling with his mouth open. When I made it to theLegends of The Hidden Temple tab, I couldn’t believe that they had slides for each team that competed on the show— especially my all-time favorite, the Red Jaguars.

What I love most about the Nickelodeon collection is that it brings me back to my childhood. The designs are retro, they use bright blends of color, and incorporate humor. I ordered my own pair of the “Nickelodeon Mash-Up” slides which contains over 10 iconic Nickelodeon characters. Whenever I wear them around the office, all of the other employees at ISlide are reminded of at least one character that helped them grow up. Whether I’m grinding in the office, leaving the gym after a workout, or chilling at home, I love looking down at my slides, seeing my favorite Nickelodeon characters, and realizing that the same crew that I spend every afternoon with in elementary school is still with me helping me get through the work week.

Blog written by marketing intern, Tommy Mobley

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