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ISlide Fantasy Football: Post Draft Recap

September 05, 2019

ISlide Fantasy Football: Post Draft Recap

Every year at ISlide, we have a Fantasy Football League that consist of, what usually is, the majority of the office. This year, we have 14 teams in a PPR style league with some (s/o to customer service) teaming up to create a joint squad AND have decided to release a weekly recap to keep everyone updated and engaged. 

Payouts are as follows:
League Champ: $200
2nd Place: $40
3rd Place: $20
Regular Season Winner: $20 (Best Record. If tied, total points is the tiebreaker)

Last year, your very own, Sam 'Coach' Pease took home the title. 

ESPN's Post Draft Ranks

1. Bas
2. Becky/Shannon
3. Nick
4. Tori
5. Shane
6. Aashil
7. Paul
8. Luke
9. Alain
10. Jordan
11. Steve
12. Tom
13. Me
14. Tyler

Not sure how ESPN creates these rankings, but if you told me they throw our team names into a random list generator i'd believe it. 

Becky/Shannon I like your team but you auto-drafted and ended up with Melvin Gordon who I don't think plays this year. Nick was full auto-draft and actually has a p solid team, but also ended up with someone named Terry McLaurin (WR on the Redskins). Never heard of him. Just for that I don't think a top 3 rank is deserved. 
Alain has Antonio Brown so he should be last, (Boomin), by default. He also drafted Cam a bit early and it's possible his season is cut short because he needs shoulder surgery. You hate to see it.
My personal 3 favorite rosters are mine, Paul's, and Bas'. If Bas finds another reliable WR he'll be in BUSINESS. Some high upside guys on the bench. Paul has Chubb (I'm on record saying he could finish the year as the #1 fantasy RB), and an elite TE, (Ertz). I think it's important to have an elite TE in deep leagues, as more people will be looking to churn that spot on their roster. 
My team absolutely pipes. LOVE that ESPN put me 13. Haters make you famous. 
My Ranks - I took these very seriously and invested a whole 5 minutes into looking at all the rosters. 
1. Me
2. Bas
3. Paul
4. Steve
5. Luke
6. Shane
7. Aashil
8. Tyler
9. Tom
10. Nick
11. Becky/Shannon
12. Tori
13. Jordan
14. Alain
I think most of the teams are even though, and probably make up 2 tiers. 
Enjoy GB x CHI tonight, and good luck this year!
My bets of the week:
Parlay of Ravens spread (-7) and Chiefs Spread (-4) +270
Packers Moneyline +145
Lions Spread (-3) EVEN
Pats Spread (-6) -110
Texans Moneyline +240 

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