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ISlide Releases NBA 2KLeague Collection

May 03, 2018

ISlide Releases NBA 2KLeague Collection

The NBA and Take Two Interactive, publishers of the NBA 2K series, have partnered together to create the first ever professional ESports league for the popular sports game. The league runs from May 1 to August 25, beginning with tip-off tournament from May 1-5.

The league will feature the greatest NBA 2K players from across the world, competing for a prizes of at least $100,000 per tournament. 72,000 players tried their shot at the league but only 102 of the best were drafted. 

Above all of them was the Mavs Gaming's first overall pick, Dimez. The 23-year old from Cleveland, Ohio says his play style is "like a combination of Kyrie Irving, with the dribbling, flashiness and scoring, and Chris Paul in terms of the passing and getting my teammates the ball, the pick and roll and everything like that."

17 of the 30 NBA teams will own their own NBA 2K League team in it's inaugural season. With each team's design playing off it's NBA counterpart, there are plenty of unique and creative looks to each team.

Which is why partnering with the league was a no-brainer for ISlide. On the league's opening day, we are dropping our exclusive NBA 2K League slide collection. 

The collection features slides from every one of the league's 17 teams and you can place your orders immediately. 

So grab your team's NBA 2K League slides, and represent the squad for the league's inaugural season. Plenty of players have already got their own personalized slides. 



Also, check out what other people have to say about the collection with this blog here from Joe's Daily! 

Shop the NBA 2K League: 

Dylan Botelho contributed to this blog post.

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