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ISlide Spotlight Vol. 3

April 09, 2020

ISlide Spotlight Vol. 3

Hello world, ISlide Spotlight is back and we’re here for you. We’ve got mind-altering new designs that’ll make your living room feel like the inside of a VW van in the 70s, as well some dope winning designs from our #DailyCustomContest.

Oh, you haven’t heard? We’re giving away free slides. Every. Single. Day. Every day! Head to our customizer here to start your design, then screenshot it, and tag us @islideusa on Instagram to enter! Daily submissions are unlimited. 


Tie Dye 

Guys, I am absolutely pumped for this collection. The tie-dye is fresh as hell if you ask me. We got full bleed, we got clips, we got orange and pink! We’re a goddamn one stop shop. 

#DailyCustomContest Winners

Let me give a big thank you to everyone that has created a submission for our #DailyCustomContest! We can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate you, and if you haven’t won yet, be sure to keep entering because some exciting things are coming up this month…




It Just Got Better 

We’re making our #DailyCustomContest prize just got a liiiittle bit better. Once a week, we’ll be choosing a random day to give that day’s winner not only a free pair of ISlides, but also an ISlide sweatshirt, hat, and sticker pack. We also may have something delicious cooking for the 20th of April...stay tuned and check back.






NFL Draft

The NFL Draft will be held virtually this year due to COVID-19, but we want to make sure you’re still able to get your favorite team's new rookie on a pair of slides. Let us know which soon to be NFL rookie players you want us to design. We want our DMs to be popping so please let us know! (Anyone else thinking Tua in powder blue?)



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