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ISlide Spotlight Vol. 2

March 22, 2020

ISlide Spotlight Vol. 2


 Hey, it’s you. Thanks for checking out the second volume of ISlide Spotlight. This week, we’re talking sick designs, the year's strange (or lack thereof) March Madness, and dancing* shoes. What could be better? 


Custom Designs



@kblashphotography: I stand in what I stand for, therefore I stand in my ISlides to travel the world.




@runningwmusic: Love sliding into ISlides post run. Instant relief to my feet and a little post workout massage as I go about my day. Awesome for recovery.




@beniciarebels: Our players love their ISlides! They have been an excellent addition to our organization uniform package. These slides are not only comfortable but have the added bonus of being personalized. We would definitely purchase again and highly recommend.



March Madness

Normally I'd be telling you to fill out your brackets and get your bet slips ready because March Madness is (almost) here, but this year the NCAA tournament has been suspended, along with the NBA. Since you're missing your basketball fix, we suggest you watch the basketball movies More Than A Game and Space Jam instead. We're also gonna give you some dope slides to watch them in. 


















Put on your Dancing* shoes...

Did we say dancing? Sorry, we meant *drinking. Drinking shoes. Did you know we have drinking shoes? Well, now you do. Drink and dance in comfort.












Don't forget to #StandInWhatYouStandFor on your pictures for the chance to be featured. I'll leave you with this: wash your hands and wear your slides. 

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