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Lenny Clarke - ISlide Commercial

November 24, 2018

Lenny Clarke - ISlide Commercial

A few weeks ago, our Founder and CEO, Justin Kittredge, approached the marketing team with an idea to do a commercial. Not necessarily for TV (although Super Bowl ads are expected to be a little fairer than last year's $5 million per 30-second price, but, for the most dominant communication platform there is...Facebook. So as the team brainstormed and talked through different ideas, props, characters, cameos, and stunts, JK (Justin's office alias) made a few calls, and planned a little creative surprise himself. Let's say he called an "old friend".

Fast forward, a few weeks, and I get an email from JK saying we have a commercial shoot this Wednesday in Boston that I would need to be on-site for. He didn't much else except, "this is going to be unreal" and Lenny Clarke would be there.

Now, as a full disclaimer, I am a young millennial...meaning Lenny Clarke and I haven't necessarily crossed paths. With that being said, I did my research on his career (which is full of appearances, roles, and voice-overs that are very well known) and prepared for what would be another JK adventure.

When we arrived at the studio, JK reminds me to never turn my camera off as Lenny is absolutely dynamite and full of golden one-liners. Well, JK couldn't have been more correct because the second we meet up with Lenny, he begins catching up with JK and drops "If you can Say it, Think it, or Show it, we can Make it." Our tagline "Stand In What You Stand For" is the best in the business but I'd be fooling myself not to admit that Lenny didn't just give us our second tagline.

Anyway, as we continue recording and going through different clips, sound bites, and more, I'm blessed with the opportunity, in between scenes, of overhearing Lenny reminisce on past adventures from years ago (and a few from just last weekend). As the day of filming came to an end, a few things were very clear.

  • Lenny Clarke and ISlide are a match made in heaven.
  • Here's thelinkto Lenny's tour schedule (after a day with him, I'd be a fool not to see him next time he's in Boston!)
  • Lenny has the type of personality that doesn't go on and off when the camera does. His humor but more so, authenticity and genuine care for others shines bright and can light up any room.

Check out the full commercial below!



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