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McGregor vs Mayweather

August 25, 2017

McGregor vs Mayweather

McGregor vs Mayweather will be the fight of the century. Whoever wins will impact the fighting world for the rest of time. If Conor McGregor wins it could mark the end of modern boxing as we know it. Not to mention it would prevent Floyd Mayweather from reaching the 50-0 mark that has not been reached by any boxer ever. But if Mayweather wins it will cement his legacy as the best boxer in history, going undefeated in 50 bouts. 

Just like it is certain that this will be the fight of the century, it is clear what each athlete stands for. Mayweather stands for bravado, winning, and cockiness. McGregor stands for Ireland, pride, and talking shit.  



Inspired by his "Fuck You" suit that took the media by storm. We decided to make McGregor and his team slides to match that iconic suit. 




Are you Team McGregor or Team Mayweather? Let us know! #StandInWhatYouStandFor





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