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MLB x Loudmouth: An Unexpected Match

March 03, 2020

MLB x Loudmouth: An Unexpected Match

The MLB x ISlide collection is getting an unexpected addition ahead of the 2020 season.

Moving away from its traditional styles,ISlide has teamed up with their partner Loudmouth Golf, to create unforgettable custom MLB designs. The traditional designs and styles featured in the MLB collection have been amplified with Loudmouth's love for bright colors, insane patterns, and fun logo placements.Flowers, stars, and bright colors areall featured in this new collection which aligns well with the excitement of spring training finally arriving

Loudmouth Golf is an American sportswear company based in Sonoma County, California known for colorful trousers. The company was established in 2000 by Scott "Woody" Woodworth, but has gained national attention through legendary golfer, John Daly’s support for the brand. The new Loudmouth collection from ISlide is available exclusively at www. islideusa.com. Check out the link below and Grab your pair for the ballpark, golf course, or wherever you’re headed this spring and summer!


Release Date: 2/27/20

Retail: $45 USD

Size run: 12Y-18M

This blog was written by ISlide Marketing Intern, Matthew Stewart. 

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