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National Relaxation Day ISlide Edition

August 10, 2017

2017 National Relaxation Day

 It’s National Relaxation Day, and we want to give you a look at how we relax and still do our job at “The Lab.” One of our favorite sayings is “work hard play hard,” we keep this motto in mind today as we step into the office. Here are 5 of our favorite ways to stay relaxed and chill in the office.

  1. Hoops

One of our favorite ways to relax at work is our hoop created by our designer, Emily. Whenever we feel our minds may be wandering, we always have the opportunity to shoot a few hoops to get us back on track. Every Friday we do an ISlide team knockout session, keeping things fun and relaxed.

  1. Tunes

Music keeps us relaxed and fresh. Each day different DJ’s from the office create custom playlists. We love to “bump and grind.” It gives the office that uplifting mood booster.

  1. Hit the Weights

Pumping iron keeps us rejuvenated. Don’t believe us? Just watch our video below. ISlide has a dumbbell that is ready to use at any point free of charge.

  1. The Mezzanine

ISlide also has an indoor lounge equipped with turf - a great place to grab a kick-back in one of our oversized lounge chairs. It's where we get most ideas flowing while in a comfortable place with couches, chairs, TV, etc.

  1. Achievement Beverage

In “The Lab” we sometimes have a few beers to finish off the workweek. Often each employee cheers with a beer to our accomplishments for conquering the world that week. 


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