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ISlide Ambassador: Lexie Brown Checks In

June 21, 2018

We are proud to officially announce the launch of our ISlide Ambassador Program. You probably know a few of the athletes and celebrities who have their own collections with us and sport ISlides on the daily. To continuously spread ISlide’s message, we are launching an official ISlide Ambassador program with creatives, artists, advocates, athletes, and entertainers who embody Standing In What You Stand For.

Stand In What You Stand For means being able to represent your passions, uniqueness, and anything you love or believe in. ISlides do exactly that. By giving people the power to walk around in something bigger than themselves. This is especially the case with our ambassadors. With large followings on social media, they have a platform which allows them to spread a positive message or whatever it is they stand for. This is where ISlide comes in. We give our ambassadors the ability to spread their message through slides. Check out the feature below on one of our new ambassadors, Lexie Brown, and learn why she embodies our vision for an ambassador of ISlide.

 Lexie Brown, Connecticut Suns WNBA player and daughter of former Celtics player, Dee Brown, has made a name for herself in her early basketball career. Throughout her college career at Maryland and Duke, she served as a role model for countless young girls and boys who dreamed of becoming college athletes. Now that she has been drafted and thrown into the professional world, she has not only embraced the new challenge of making an impact in the WNBA, but she is pushing herself to reach new audiences through other avenues such as her recently launched Youtube channel. Like we said in our blog highlighting Lexie’s visit to ISlide headquarters, we are extremely proud to have Lexie be an ambassador for us and can’t wait to see the young lives she will soon make a difference in.

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