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Slide Into Intern Life: Christophe

June 24, 2016 2 min read

Coming into the first internship of my life, I didn't really know what to expect. And even if I thought I knew, ISlide shattered all of those expectations. I as an intern am not seen as an inferior part of the company, but rather the opposite. Every employee and intern at ISlide plays a crucial role in the company because everyone here brings value to the table, whether they have been here for 3 years or 2 weeks. Since the first day, the interns have hopped into the mix and gotten right down to business. The atmosphere has felt very open and fun, yet efficient. Being around a young core of workers here, who all believe in our product has been ideal because we can all relate to each other which helps us immensely. ISlide is trying to change the game and do something that no other business has, and because of this, it allows us to be creative and innovative in order to contribute to the company, rather than just follow orders given to us like many other internships do.

Although it is hard work, just knowing that I am contributing to the progress of this company gives me much joy. Being on the marketing team, I help come up with strategies and ideas to help get our brand out to more people. I have loved my time at ISlide because the people here value what I have to add. Although it is a business, it feels like a family; everyone supports each other but is not afraid to give their opinions on how to do work better. We simply learn from our mistakes, improve, and move on. Taking classes in school is always a plus, but experience is the best way to learn. And in this internship, learning by participating rather than just observing has proven to be an awesome experience in helping me understand how businesses function and what future career paths I could take.

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