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Slide Into Intern Life: Evan

June 24, 2016

Slide Into Intern Life: Evan

They say first impressions really impact how a person will look at you in and out. Justin's first impression of me could not have gone any worse, by me showing up to turn in my internship agreement in Under Armor slides. Then and there I thought I had ruined my chances at a great experience with ISlide for the summer. However, I was dead wrong. After a week of almost no communication between Justin and I, he decided to forgive me for committing the biggest ISlide sin and my relationship with him and the rest of the team here improved greatly. I began to come out of my shell and truly enjoy showing up to work everyday. I have never worked in a work environment that is a great combination of laid back and serious. It is the ideal workplace for a college student looking to get hands on experience within the sports industry.

Probably the best part about working at ISlide is watching and assisting in the growth of a start-up company. You get to watch the grind, struggle, and success every single day. You do not get this experience with companies that have already established themselves. Along the way, I have gained such great sales, marketing, and customer service skills I will keep with me for the rest of my life. I was nervous coming in because I had zero sales experience within a company and did not know what to expect. There are a lot of thing I still need to improve on but as the days go on, I continue to get better and better thanks to the help of everybody around me. I've shared so many laughs and jammed to so much rap music I wish this summer would never end.

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