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Slide-into-intern-life: Hunter Hoag

February 15, 2019

Slide-into-intern-life: Hunter Hoag

My name is Hunter Hoag, I am in my last semester studying Graphic design. Being an intern at ISlide, has been my greatest experience in my college career. I heard about ISlide through a friend that had graduated a year before me. He only talked positively about ISlide, but never got the internship. He told me about how they worked with the NBA, DJ Khalid, and many, many more, and it instantly hit me “that sounds like an amazing place to work.” I found them quick on my school’s internship website, and the communication back was instant. I found myself at an interview two weeks later.

My first day walking in I was very nervous, felt like I was under prepared, but once I got sight of the office, the half court when you walk in, and all the friendly faces ready to say hello, helped me relax a lot. The company, in my opinion, is very much a family, everyone knows everyone, working in an open floor concept helps communications, and sparks creative conversations. It was a work hard party hard message. If you work hard in the day, go ahead and reward yourself, just be back here the next day ready to go again! They gave me pretty big roles in design, helping put together the march madness slides, working with the NASCAR designs, they even let me make a video for social media with Dee Brown. The work I have done at school, has been nowhere near as much fun as the work here at ISlide.

Since being at ISlide, it was one hundred percent the ideal job. Every day I would get a new project to test my creativity, whether I was making my own design for someone, or they had sent us guides on what they wanted, I was being creative daily. Before I started at ISlide I thought I had Adobe illustrator and photoshop figured out, I was able to do baseline vectorizing when I got there, but they had taught me so much more, and when they taught me these things it had sent me home with the urge to look up other photoshop tutorials and learn more about these apps that I had thought I mastered. They showed me that possibilities are endless. Every time I walk in there, I feel inspired to work, there are so many possibilities for slide designs, designs for the packaging, and designs for social media, people are sending us guides that will inspire designs of our own, and so on. The place is open and covered in art work and it would be hard not to get inspired there.

Working at ISlide will be amazing, go into it with an open mind, and let your creativity flow. Doing that will give you so much more inspiration for your own works and to put towards fun projects at ISlide. Always put in your maximum effort, do exactly what the customer says, and be creative! You’ll learn a ton and have fun while doing it.


This Blog Was Written By Intern: Hunter Hoag

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