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Slide-into-intern-life: Shawn Petrill

March 13, 2019

Ever since my first jobs in high school, working retail at Nike and Under Armour, I knew I wanted to pursue a career around the sports or sporting goods industry. In the past I had seen internship opportunities with ISlide, being in the last semester of my senior year at Bentley University, I was finally able to make it work with my schedule.

When I first walked into ISlide for my interview I really had no clue what to expect. I saw a basketball court I knew it was very different from the typical office I had experienced in the past. After my time at ISlide I have come to learn that physical space is very reflective of the culture it holds, it is an open setting with typical meeting rooms, but also things like the basketball court, which facilitate a “work hard, play hard” environment.

When interning at ISlide, my work was very reflective of that I would do for a start-up, in which every day held different projects or tasks. Even though I was a Customer Service/Operations Intern, early in my internship I was able to be part of Marketing at the Hoop Hall Classic in Springfield, MA where I got to see first-hand how people interact with our brand.


This Blog Was Written By Intern: Shawn Petrill

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