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I Slide For #1: Boston Celtics Player Exclusive ISlides

January 20, 2017

I Slide For #1: Boston Celtics Player Exclusive ISlides

We are the scientists of “Stand In What You Stand For.” When someone asks us to make a design for them, we begin a thorough research process, trying to figure out exactly what would represent the person on their slides. This is still the case, even if we’re making individual slides for an entire team. This happened this past holiday season. Our good friend Kelly Olynyk from the Boston Celtics came to us with the idea of getting a pair of ISlides for each one of his teammates. We were excited to help.

In this blog post, we’ll focus on 2 of the designs we made for the Celtics. We’ll tell you a little bit about the thought process behind the design, and the meaning of it. To see close ups of all designs, head to our Facebook album here. Make sure to Like the page for more tips, inspiration and slides people have made!

The first pair we want to talk about is Avery Bradley’s. A product of Tacoma, WA (did you know he played AAU hoops with teammate Isaiah Thomas?), we knew the home town would be a key to this design. We messed around with a few variations of the word “TACOMA,” but decided that visually it looked best on each strap. Always looking to take things up a notch, we incorporated his current jersey # “0” into "Tacoma". We thought this would be a great combo of his past and present. The sides feature his initials on one side, and his signature “fingers pointing upwards” on the other, which he does after hitting a 3.

The second pair is Marcus Smart’s. This was actually Marcus’s second pair. The first pair featured his signature “YOUNGAMECHANGER” across the top, so we knew that idea was out. As we researched more, we realized that we had a sandal color way that matched his hair (Marcus rocks a dreads/mohawk with bleached ends). We were determined to find a way to work that into the design. After some work, we were able to digitize a profile-vew of his mohawk, and added his number, “36” to fill in the blank space. He added his last name, and “YOUNGAMECHANGER” to the sides.

The inspiration for the rest of the pairs can be found below, as well as a few screenshots of players who posted their pairs to social media!

  1. Al Horford - his Dominican heritage
  2. Terry Rozier - His homestate of Ohio
  3. Tyler Zeller - His college and pro jersey #
  4. Kelly Olynyk - His signature long-hair and snapback hat combo
  5. Jordan Mickey - His hometown of Dallas, Texas
  6. Jonas Jerebko - The eSports team that he owns (Detroit Renegades)
  7. Jaylen Brown - A compilation of motivational posts from his instagram
  8. James Young - A monument from his hometown of Flint, Michigan
  9. Jae Crowder - His nickname “BOSSMAN”
  10. Isaiah Thomas - His kids
  11. Gerald Green - His hometown, Houston, Texas.
  12. Demetrius Jackson - His dog, Obi @theJediPup
  13. Amir Johnson - His high school hoops team, the Westchester Comets

- Amir Johnson @tall611money

-Terry Rozier @gmb_chum

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