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February 10, 2017 2 min read


I have always been very intrigued but the Hawaiian culture and lifestyle so it is something I try to bring into my own life out here on the East Coast. By following an array of IG accounts related to Hawaii in some way- whether its a brand or just a local, you see a lot of phrases and sayings that are a staple of the HI life. There is one in particular that has stuck out to me the most and that is the aloha spirit. To me this means waking up in the morning with a smile, taking on tough times with a sense of perspective and having a lighthearted personality. The aloha spirit is something I try to embody everyday and although at times it may be difficult it is important to have this motto to keep me grounded. 

I wouldn't consider myself creative or artistic in any sense but very recently I have been turning my notebook doodling into bigger and more focused projects. My trip to Hawaii back in January gave me some much needed free time and inspiration to finally finish up this intricate piece. I knew as soon as I had the final product I needed to have it on my next pair of slides. Since I wear slides pretty much every single day, why not put my own creation of my personal mantra on them. The ‘aloha spirit’ design is something that I drew free hand and had it digitized to be able to print on my slides. So not only is this something that I created but it is also something I now incorporate into my style everyday. It is truly my own and fully represents our ISlide philosophy of ‘Stand In What You Stand For’.



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