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Super Bowl Parade & Quiz on the Street

February 08, 2019

Super Bowl Parade & Quiz on the Street

February 5th of 2019 was an exciting day for sure. We walked around in Boston, spoke with our fans, and asked them random Pats trivia for giveaways. Oh, the Super Bowl parade was also going on at the same time; so that was pretty cool too. (Congrats to the Super Bowl 53 Champions, the New England Patriots!)

All kidding aside, we had an amazing day on Tuesday. The parade was a blast, seeing all the Champs drive by waving and cheering is always fantastic. We did actually have a lot of fun with our friends from the parade though. If you saw our instagram story you’ll know that we spent a lot of time walking around quizzing fans for a chance to win a free pair of slides. In case you didn’t see our IG story, first off you should go follow us on instagram ;). Next, you should watch the full video here!


by Kenny Lowell

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