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August 14, 2017 1 min read


I'm intrigued Hawaiian culture and lifestyle, so it's something I try to bring into my life East Coast.Social Media, like Instagram, helps me stay connected with that culture -- you see a lot of phrases and sayings that are a staple of the 'Hi Life.' One, in particular, stands out the most, 'Aloha Spirit.'To me this means -- waking up in the morning with a smile, taking on tough times with a sense of perspective, and having a light-hearted personality.The 'Aloha Spirit' is something I try to embody daily, and although at times it may be difficult, it's important for me to have this motto because it keeps me grounded.
I'm neither creative nor artistic -- but recently I started doodling in my notebook creating larger and more focused projects.
Last January I visited Hawaii.It was there that I took the time I needed to be free and find inspiration, and it was here I was able to finish my intricate art piece.
When my project was complete, I turned it into a pair of Slides. I drew this all free hand and then had it digitized, making it ready for print. I wear slidesnearly every day, and it was important to have my own mantra on them; it's fun wearing my own design.
This is "my own, " and I love that.It represents me, and it represents whatI believe in with the company I work at, Islide, and their philosophy: Stand In What You Stand For.
- Torrie

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