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Valentines Day Sucks... Sometimes

February 14, 2019

Valentines Day Sucks... Sometimes

Valentine’s day is the worst. But then again, last year I thought it was the best. I wonder what changed?... If you are a human being like me, and you are romantically interested in other human beings (like me), then you have probably been through this shift in Valentine’s perception (like me). It’s just part of human nature. We all want to be with someone, but the sad fact of life is that some people just suck (or just aren’t good for you specifically) and sometimes you just don’t see that until you’re already elbow deep in a relationship. Other than swearing off relationships forever, I really see no hard-and-fast solution to this dilemma.





I guess the only quasi-solution is just to go on with life, hoping for the best and complaining endlessly if it doesn’t come to pass. But, no matter what stage of relationship you’re in, ISlide has some killer slides for you. For those at the pinnacle of the relationship world, the married, we have slides I hope to one-day wear: our “Hubby” and “Wifed up” slides. For those recently out of a relationship we have some slightly more aggressive slides- check out our “Salty VDay” collectionwith classics such as “tequila is my valentine” and a few with some not-so-loving candy heartsall over them. And for those who are single and living their best life, we have some “King” and
 “Queen” slides. Also check out our Explicit collection for some even more aggressive slides if you REALLY REALLY want to show off how single you are, while also flipping the bird to that ex-special someone. While you're waiting for your new slides to come, you can check out these videos, bellow, of some fun things we did with Brett Robinson to prepare ourselves.







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