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World Champions: Boston Red Sox

October 31, 2018

World Champions: Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are World Champions again! After what was arguably the best season by any team ever, they rolled into the playoffs as confident as can be. But who wouldn't be when you win 108 games in 6 months. Their first playoff test was a familiar foe... the New York Yankees. Although that series was tied at one point, the Red Sox handled business on the road outscoring the men in pinstripes, 20-4 throughout two games. 

Boston moved on to the World Series to face yet another rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Given the dislike between Boston and Los Angeles, tensions were high on and off the field throughout the series. The Red Sox got off to a great start in the series with a 2 game lead heading to the West Coast, but the Dodgers took Game 3 after an 18 inning, 7-hour battle. After that battle that went well into the early morning, the stage was set for an exciting final 2 (or 3) games. 
In true Boston fashion (and what other fans have come to expect at this point) the Red Sox rallied together two inspiring performance to claim their 9th title, cementing them as the greatest Red Sox team ever and adding to the City of Champs resume. 
Boston fans were obviously excited for yet another parade which has almost become an annual holiday but this year brought something a little....different. By different, we mean a broken trophy. Thanks to a strong toss of a bud light, the World Series Trophy being held by Brock Holt lost a few of its iconic flags. That didn't seem to stop the party though, as the Duck Boats, chants, and celebration continued to be heard throughout the city streets. 

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