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    ISlide Heroes
    ISlide Heroes is an ISlide initiative dedicated to appreciating and honoring the special people or organizations in our lives who have made an incredible impact in the lives of others. Whether it's a nurse who goes above and beyond patients in need, an organization that has dedicated themselves to making the world we live in a better place, or maybe even a neighbor who's also been there for you. 
    Each month, the ISlide team will be choosing a select number of people to honor. They’ll be gifted the custom slides designed with some of their favorite things along with a note from our team and well wishes form the individual who nominated them. As part of the ISlide Heroes initiative, when possible we will highlight a specific Hero as a hope to inspire others to continue making changes in their community and to also Stand In What They Stand For. 
    ISlide Heroes YouTube Playlist


    Do You Have A Hero In Your Life? Nominate Them Here!

    Nominate a Hero

    Proceeds From the Pairs Sold Below Support The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)