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    We give each and every one of our customers a unique opportunity to represent themselves, their beliefs, and interests. We recognized a growing trend in the customization market but a void in the footwear department. We wanted to bridge that gap and open up the world of custom slides. Stand In What You Stand For is the backing of our company and how can you truly stand for something without embodying it all the way down to your toes? Plus, we would get to wear slides to work everyday. So the concept of ISlide was born.

    January, 15th 2013 ISlide was born. After 6 months of product development, focus groups, and business planning ISlide was officially launched to the world on July 15th.  We had already proven our concept with growing sales and by the end of 2013 we developed a production model that would allow for mass customization at an individual level.

    After a successful first year, ISlide quickly became the leader in custom slides. With our premium quality, customization capabilities, and quick turnaround times, we were flipping the footwear world on its head.  By the end 2014 ISlide could be seen on the feet of some of the top teams in the world including the Minnesota Vikings, Boston Celtics, and Buffalo Sabres, just to name a few.  We were also getting recognition from local and national media outlets for our unique product.  From gift guides on Fox to sneaker blog NiceKicks, everyone loved ISlide.  

    Now we were ready to change the slide game for good. It started by becoming the youngest brand to ever partner with the NBA as an official licensee. Next we launched our new model- the Waves Gel. The addition of luxurious materials combined with a sensation of walking on water made the Waves Gel ISlide one of the biggest innovations in the footwear world.  Before the year was over we needed one last big splash; that’s right Another One.  DJ Khaled had taken the SnapChat world by storm with his motivational speeches and keys for success. And what better way to spread his message than with ISlide.

    ISlide was now the hottest and most talked about product in the footwear world.  Celebs from Ellen Degeneres to Justin Bieber were rockin’ ISlides.  The most elite athletes in the world were wearing ISlide around the locker room of the NBA All Star game. The top wide receiver in the NFL Antonio Brown was selling his own ISlides to his fans.  Everyone wanted a pair.  And after three years in business we were finally ready to swim with the Sharks on the season premiere of Shark Tank. Even though we ended up walking away from an offer, ISlide was now a household name.

    With ISlide’s continuous growth, we had finally outgrown our humble beginnings. It was time for expansion. We needed more people to add to the team, more pairs to sell to our customers, and more space to hold it all.  By early summer we had to make the move to our new home in Boston, MA.  Finally settling into our new space we have built an environment that fosters creativity and self-expression.  And of course we threw in a basketball court.  We are ready once again to take ISlide to the next level. Hope you can come along for the journey.

    In a little under a year, the ISlide team doubled in size to keep up with the demand. We began our next customization venture, by licensing dozens of colleges around the nation to allow ISlider's to truly Stand In What You Stand For. On Black Friday, ISlide launched not one, but two, new slide models allowing sliders all over the world to add Nubucks and Cozy Fur ISlides to their collections!

    With our expanded team, ISlide set out to continue its pursuit of becoming a leader in the licensed footwear industry to truly show off our customization capabilities to the world. In April, ISlide acquired the MLB license for all 30 teams followed by the launch of the NHL license in September! In addition, ISlide launched collaborations with Taco Bell, Captain Morgan, Natural Light, Busch Light, Los Pollos TV, Evan Turner, Jae Crowder and Sierato... to name a few.