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    It's been quite a journey so far, but our story is just beginning! Scroll down to read a little bit about ISlide, and learn about the 2 types of slides we offer.

    The Customizable ISlide aka "The Mantra"

    Islide Slide Product Description


    This is where it all began. The customizable ISlide, aka "the Mantra" changed the game. Featuring a fully customizable top strap, and the option of personalized sides, stand in what you stand for came to life. Not only that, but it is the comfiest slide on the market. Between the unique design each slide features, and the supreme comfort, this is one pair of shoes you never want to take off.


    The Innovative ISlide aka "Waves Gel"



    We stepped into innovation with the ISlide "Waves Gel". Capturing the sensation of walking on water, through a signature gel composition and waves aesthetic, these slides are the next level. The one-strap, pre-made designs represent a different approach from ISlide, but maintain to same attention to quality, comfort and style.