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    "Love our content? Looking for a challenge? Announcing a new contest to apply for the ISlide Marketing Content Associate, full time position in Boston, MA!"  



    General Guidelines:

    Submit a video of your best, most creative work to PR@islideusa.com for your chance to score an interview with the executive team at ISlide. Top submissions will be notified directly (via email) to schedule a time that works best for you and the internal team.



    • Submissions must be received by ISlide no later than 2/28/2019 to qualify.
    • Videos must be 1 minute or less, preferably highlighting a brand or product showcase (not required). Please include the video and your resume in your email submission.
    • The work submitted MUST BE YOUR OWN- you planned, captured, and edited the entire video, and have experience with Adobe Premiere, AfterEffects, or similar.
    • If you have trouble uploading the file, please reach out to PR@islideusa.com directly for assistance.
    • Candidates are not being guaranteed a job- successful submissions will be guaranteed an in-person (or Skype, if necessary) interview for the full-time role.