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13 Reasons Slides Outdo Boring Corporate Polos

March 29, 2018

13 Reasons Slides Outdo Boring Corporate Polos

Corporate polos and uniforms are the worst. Nobody likes sitting around in their office or cubicle wearing stiff bland boring corporate clothes. You want to see the best from people and allow them to bring their best self to work every day.

That’s not the way we do things over at ISlides either. No mandatory uniforms, no closed off cubicle spaces, and most importantly… a pair of comfortable slides for everyone.

Here are 13 reasons why our slides will always outdo your corporate polo outfit.

  1. Slides are more unique; most people already have plenty of t-shirts and polos but not custom slides for their team/ company
  2. Creativity! There are countless designs that to come up with that your team/company will love.
  3. Comfort. ISlide’s comfort are unmatched by anyone else in the slide industry
  4. Personalization. Customize each pair for every member of your team.
  5. Convenience. Great for locker rooms, post-game/practice or after work at home or during the drive home.
  6. Timeliness. Receive your custom team order within 2-3 weeks.
  7. Match your uniform/travel gear to your new custom slides.
  8. Style. Socks and slides is the new trend.
  9. Team pride. "Stand in what you stand for," do we need to say anything else?
  10. Team Comradery. Great experience receiving team slides and matching.
  11. Look down as a reminder of your team goal or mantra.
  12. Lasting gift. Slides will hold up for years!
  13. Available colorways

Tell us you're not convinced? So ditch the polos and throw on some slides next time you’re at work. Or, why don’t you forward this blog to a bunch of your coworkers and even your boss. We’re sure that this list will convince them to make a change in the dress code sooner rather than later.


Just watch how quick your entire office’s moral will change. A comfy pair of slides on your feet can make all the difference. You’ll all be more awake, lively, friendly, and stylish just from the simple change of ditching your polo and adding some new footwear.

Dylan Botelho contributed to this blog entry.

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