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Words and Phrases I Learned from Working at ISlide

April 03, 2018 1 Comment

Words and Phrases I Learned from Working at ISlide

When you spend a lot of time in the ISlide office, you’ll start to notice our different set of lingo. Working at ISlide is different than working in most offices. Fueled by creativity and youth, we just have a different way of saying things around here.

If you’re around the same age as everyone, it won’t seem anything out of the ordinary. For me though, I’ve picked up tons of new words and phrases while working with all the young guys and girls along the way. If we had to make a definitive list of all the most commonly used words and phrases, it would look something like this:


Dope – Used to describe something extremely cool. Ex. “Yo, those ISlides are dope.”

Heat – Something that is so hot that it can only be described as the quality of being hot. See also: “fire”

Bomb – Phenomenal. Often used to describe when you get some great food for lunch, “This sandwich is bomb!”



“That's Heat” – Really cool clothes or design

“That's Dope” – See “That’s Heat”

“That's Aggressive” – You’re trying waaaaay too hard

“For Sure” – We’re in agreement

“S'up” - When you’re too cool to say “What’s up.”

“You’re Old” – What you hear when you work in an office with a bunch of Millennials.

“No, No, No, Thank You...or Thank Sue” – Commonly used around the ISlide office because Sue is the absolute best


It's interesting working in this kind of environment (as you can see with everything above). Working with all the young people here is a combination of things, you have to balance their expectations but also appreciate their endless passion and drive. Our business is so intertwined with the youth and having so many young people in the office gives us valuable and genuine feedback that would be hard to get any place else.

Young people also bring so much energy and not to mention new technology, so they force you to stay up to date with our ever changing world, which is something that as a company we must do.

Dylan Botelho contributed to this blog entry.

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Tori Wood
Tori Wood

April 04, 2018

Doug- this is such a helpful article. Thank you so much for the insight.

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