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New Color Alert: G.O.A.T. Blue ISlides

May 03, 2016

New Color Alert: G.O.A.T. Blue ISlides

We're stepping into slide season with the launch of our new, limited edition color way, immediately available for customization. Dubbed the "G.O.A.T. Blue," this team inspired -yet on-trend- color is the latest in ISlide's product offering.

This is the latest slide, and the greatest slide we have. The new design inspires and empowers all who wear it to express their own greatness in a cool, unique and comfortable way. We want the pair you make to be your "greatest [slides] of all time."

The "G.O.A.T. Blue" sandals are limited to only 500 pairs. It can now be fully customized with our signature customization and personalization capabilities. Are you part of a team or brand that features this color? Act fast! Submit inquires and questions for bulk orders to info@islideusa.com.

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