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Slide Into Intern Life: Max

June 01, 2016

Slide Into Intern Life: Max

Being an intern at ISlide has been one of the coolest experiences of my life so far. My first job was at a Reebok retailer and instantly I knew that I wanted to go into the footwear industry. Now I am a junior at Emmanuel College majoring in Business Management. When looking for internships on Emmanuel's internship page, ISlide was one of the first businesses I saw and I knew that this was the place I wanted to do my first internship. The fact that Justin had come from Reebok as well made it an even easier decision.

Since coming to ISlide, it has been everything I hoped for and more. Every day I get different projects to work on that are always interesting to learn how to do, whether they involve research or learning to do things essential to an apparel or footwear oriented business. I get to do research on streetwear trends and social media accounts, something that I would be doing anyways but now I am expected to. I am learning how to apply my passion in footwear and business to real world problems.

Working at ISlide will be a blast if you go in with the right attitude and the willingness to learn. You learn never to be late, always go above and beyond what you asked to do, and work with the other interns to accomplish projects set for you. It's never boring here at ISlide and you can expect that by the end of your internship you will have learned a lot more than you ever thought you could about slides and the small business world.

-Max Beimler

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