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ISlide Broadcasts in Boston… Again!

July 11, 2019

Written by Intern Ben Skinner

Last Friday, June 28th our CEO, Justin Kittredge, paid his second visit toNBC10 Boston to shoot an episode on new and interesting companies such as ISlide, set to air on the following Sunday. Kittredge was welcomed on to the show by the host Brian Burnell. Kittredge gave an update from his last visit on how the company has expanded into a much larger space atHyde Park -- as well as how the number of employees has nearly tripled since then. Additionally, the two touched upon ISlide’s push into the licensed slides market. Starting with the officialNBA license in 2016, ISlide has expanded intoMLB,Nickelodeon, andCaptain Morgan among others. 

NBC10 Boston

When asked what makes ISlide different? What is ISlide doing that no one else is?Kittredge responded, “We can make one at a time or as many as you want -- catering to individuals or businesses in the corporate world. And they are custom, so you can put absolutely anything you want on them. We want people to be able to show their personality through the shoes they wear”. He put it perfectly. There is no other company that can provide you with this high of quality slide footwear with the degree of customization that we offer. 

The focus then shifted to Justin's amazing shirt. It evoked Burnell to ask him what was going on with his matching watermelon shirt/slide combo and how this was even possible? Justin explained that this is part of ISlide’s newpattern matching program, which allows customers to easily and seamlessly take one of their favorite pieces of patterned clothing and match it to a fresh new pair of slides. Customers simply take a picture of their shirt with their phone and easily upload it right to the order. Our team of designers here at ISlide then recreates the pattern to near perfection from the picture -- and just like that they are shipped off to arrive at your doorstep in five to seven business days. 

Lastly, to wrap up the segment, Justin gifted Brian a customized pair to keep. They had theSyracuse logo on it where Burnell played football and graduated in 1979. They even said “Class of ‘79 on the sides. This speaks to how elite ISlide is at fast, cost-efficient, personal customization. This gift idea as formulated a mere two days in advance. I myself quickly researched Brian’s background, sent design ideas over to one of our designers who quickly put it together, and the pair was printed and ready to go within twenty-four hours. ISlide does extremely fast turnarounds like this for customers and partnersall the time. Simply remarkable when you think about it. 

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