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July 19, 2019

Written by: Intern Addisyn Lanza

ice cream slides


Summer is the time where your body temperature exceeds above the New England average of 55 degree weather. So it is the perfect time to inhale a cone of ice cream to cool your insides down. Now, I am from Connecticut so I do not know too much about the local ice cream shops around the Hyde Park and downtown Boston area (even though this will be my third year living downtown). So I decided to ask some of my co-workers who know a little more about the area to find out some places to get the best ice cream. Here is what I found: 

  • Colleen’s Ice Cream & Sandwich Shop-61 High St. Medford, Mass

Apparently their “Wicked Chocolate” is out of this world! 

(Recommended by Marketing Intern Ben Skinner)

  • JJ’s Ice Cream Shoppe-167 Milford St. Upton, Mass. 

    Cute mom &-pop stand that will tickle your ice cream taste buds. 

    (Recommended by Sales Intern Tyler Calnan)

    • J.P. Licks-Locations vary from Dedham, Jamaica Plain, Chestnut Hill, etc in Massachusetts. 

    Great chain with great flavors! 

    (Recommended by Marketing Intern Alex Balerna)

    • Toscanini’s-159 First St. Cambridge, MA

    The flavor that everyone raves about is burnt caramel!

    (Recommended by Marketing Intern Kevin Luu)

    • FōMū-Locations include Jamaica Plain, Allston and Boston in Massachusetts.

    What makes this place special are the all organic handmade products!

    (Recommended by Operations Intern Jill Waters) 

    • Amorino Boston-249 Newbury St. Boston, MA

    If you’re feeling more on the gelato side of the ice cream spectrum, this place is spectacular! 

    (Recommended by Marketing Intern Kevin Luu) 

    • Juicy Spot Cafe-16 Tyler St. Boston, MA 

    Rolled ice cream is all the talk in the streets, try it sometime!

    (Recommended by Marketing Intern Ben Skinner) 

    • Ron’s Gourmet Ice Cream and Twentieth Century Bowling-1231 Hyde Park Ave, Hyde Park, Mass. 

    Great family fun place that allows you to eat ice cream and bowl. How cool!!

    (Recommended by Marketing Intern Alex Balerna) 

    Nothing feels better than the cool drip of your favorite ice cream run down your throat while feeling the sun's rays on your back. Except… let me think for a couple of seconds…there IS something better than that!!! Wearing your comfortable ISlides like the ones above to slip on for your ice cream and beach run! I can not wait to hit the beach and my favorite ice cream parlor in Connecticut! 

    What are some of your favorite ice cream shops? 

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