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Biggest Slide Weekend of the Year Giveaway

June 29, 2017

Biggest Slide Weekend of the Year Giveaway

This past weekend couldn’t have been better weather for hitting the beach and catching some waves. It's a fact: Fourth of July weekend is the most popular time that you'll see people wearing flips flops and sandals. With this in mind, don’t you want to rock the pool and beach with style, not with dull and boring colors? When I had hit the beach last weekend, I saw more and more sandals that needed an upgrading. I looked left; I looked right and all I saw were sandals that were at least 5 years old, dressed with dull colors and an uncomfortable look.

From a fresh American flag slide, to slides decked out in “God Bless America”, or something as classic as "Ninja Turtles,” representing the land that we love is just a click away. The opportunities for creativity to create your favorite shoe are right here. It had saddened me to visit one of my favorite places and see so much of the same type of shoe or a sandal that dates back to when I was born. It’s 2017, I think its time to upgrade. What a better time to do this then on one of the biggest summer weekends of the year, with some comfortable-yet-stylish islides to show off.

Whether you're creating custom slides to showcase your Independence or just slidin’ to express some summer vibes, it’s all your choice and made to represent YOU. With the hot weather coming ahead you’ll be sure to be wearing sandals, but don’t be that person at the party that matches everyone else. Be different, show your family and friends what your slidin’ for this summer. I know I’ll be rockin’ my ISlides showing people what I’m all about while basking in the sun eating a nice hotdog, but the question is will you be showcasing what you’re all about this fourth or just sticking to the norm? #slidinfortheFourth 

Chance to win a free pair of slides! 

We ALL have that friend that's been wearing the same sandals for the past 10 years. Don't worry, now you can hook them up.
Here's how: go to our social media, and in the 4th of July picture comments, tag a friend in that needs a slide upgrade. You will automatically be entered into a free slide giveaway for both you and your friend. We'll be randomly selecting someone at 12 noon PST on the 4th!


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