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ISlide "The Lab" Launch Party

June 25, 2017

ISlide "The Lab" Launch Party

      For four years we had called an old mill building our Home.On Wednesday, June 14th, 2017, we showed how much we’ve grown with the opening of our new home called “The Lab.” The Mill was the perfect spot for those first four years, but since the enormous success of our company, we knew it was time to make a move. We wanted to create a space like no other, that showcased and promoted creativity, “self- expression,” positivity, and originality. We had to step up our game, and the only way to do this was with a bright, clean, and open space. For us, that also meant some essentials, like room for slides, murals, videos, a basketball court and more.

      We weren’t looking for just another office, but a new home,and we found it at 65 Sprague Street, Hyde Park Massachusetts. Our product is a canvas for self-expression, and our space is a physical manifestation of that idea. Just like our product represents you, our space represents us. Our space gives us the tools to bring all your ideas to life. We slide to get better every day, we slide with comfort, and we slide with style, and we do all that in our new home: "The Lab."  

     We we’re very excited to show “the Lab” to our closest friends and family. Seeing their eyes light up when they walked in was unforgettable. The mural (done by our own Design Director, Emily Host) immediately catches your eye, and give you a warm, fuzzy feeling unlike any you’ll find on this coast. Straight ahead, you find a focal point reminiscent of the Mill: the “Stand In What You Stand For” wall. Guests are encouraged to sign it with whatever is they stand for. Behind this wall lies the actual office. It’s overlooked by a giant sign saying “Dont wait for opportunity. Create it.”, and a mezzanine with a lounge a ping pong table. Our open-concept makes communication easy, but enough separation to focus.

See the full album here.

      The night wasn't only a house-warming party, but an even more special night, as well. There was a special appearance by New England Patriot Captain, and 2-time Super Bowl Champion, Devin McCourty. We were honored to present him with a $5000 check for Sickle Cell Foundation and launched as the latest partner for ISlide4Good. We are VERY excited to have Devin as part of the ISlide team.


       It’s the first couple weeks in the Lab, and it already feels like home. The future is as bright as the sun shining through our brand new windows. Like ISlide, and the Mill before it, the Lab will evolve and grow. We are very excited to show you that evolution every step of the way.



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