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Fun Outdoor Games

July 23, 2019

Written by Intern Addisyn Lanza 

It is summertime and the sun is shining so it's time to go outside. I know, I know, you don’t want to leave your bed or your couch and stop watching your favorite show on repeat until you fall asleep again. But you can not waste these last couple of months filled with sunshine. Up here in the Northeast we do not get too much warm weather, so if you don’t have a pool or a beach immediately accessible, then finding something to do can be a little bit difficult. Especially when you have no brain power to think about things to do, like most students in the summertime. That means there is no patience for shoes that take more than one second to slide on. This is the perfect time to slip on your favorite pair of ISlides and head out into the sunshine. Here are 10 activities to choose from that will make your day outside a little bit more adventurous and fun!

  • Egg Toss 
  • Capture the Flag 
  • Jackpot 
  • Ultimate Frisbee 
  • Kan Jam 
  • Spike Ball
  • Life Size Jenga 
  • Go- Karting 
  • Slip and Slide
  • Sprinkler 

I remember my childhood summers where my brother and I would spend all day playing outside running through a sprinkler or just running around in circles trying to tag each other. One time, my mom came home with this GIANT waterslide and it was the coolest surprise ever! My brother and I were ecstatic and thought she was the coolest mom in the world (which she still is)! Also, we used to have family parties that were filled with continuous games that made me the competitive person I am today. I hate losing. I absolutely hate it. I refuse to lose. But my brother and I are older now, and the games we play are a little different and involve an extra component. Let's be honest, you can turn any game into a drinking game. But here are 5 games that were created specifically for drinking and will get you out of the house and get you “feelin’ yourself” a little. 

*Over 21: 

  • Beer Pong 
  • Beer Dye 
  • Flip Cup 
  • Dizzy Bat 

Natty Light slides

Always remember to please drink responsibly. :)

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