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I Slide For #6: Sam// Gotta Eat

July 17, 2017

Careers at Islide, Boston MA


Working for ISlide has been pretty much a constant in my life. After doing my second, (of three) co-ops back in 2013, I went back to school at Drexel, in Philadelphia. All the while, I was following everything we were doing on social media, and keeping up with the team. Working at ISlide was incredibly fun, but even more rewarding. My first pair of slides ever said “Gotta” on the right, and “Eat” on the left slide.

Since that pair, I’ve got three more with the "Gotta Eat" theme, and I think it represents me well. First of all, you HAVE to eat. You just gotta.

I like writing spoofs of songs and making them about ISlide. You can even find a very old song from when I was an intern on Youtube.

I’ll drop a snippet of the next banger here, a takeoff of Ne-Yo’s “So Sick”: 

Gotta change what i put on my feet / now that I’m at home

 Cause right now I really need / me some RPL foam 

And I know it’s an expense / And I’m really poor

But it’s the only way that I can slide, anymore

(It’s ridiculous)

It’s been tough, for some reason I just

(Can’t get other slides) 

And I’m starting to think

(Enough is enough) 

No more walkin' round, with my head down

I’m so done with wearing, all these awful slides

And I’m so sick of Nike,

And ad-id-as

Those slides are trashy,

And they really suck

Said I’m so sick of Jordans, uncomfortable,

So you know — I can’t wear those slides anymore.

— Sam



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