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SHARK WEEK Fun Facts + Gear

July 23, 2017

SHARK WEEK Fun Facts + Gear

Dun ah dun ah dun dun dun dun…It’s Shark Week one of the most highly anticipated weeks on TV.

We couldn’t be more excited and wanted to kick off the week with some fun shark facts with gear to match that will keep you in the Shark week loop.       

1. Did you know: Shark’s dislike ISlides, but People love them. This is why our Shark slides are the perfect Shark attire to fend off the sharks when rockin’ the beach this summer.              

Now for some more serious….facts before heading into the week.

2. “It has been estimated that the bite force of great white shark is up to 4,000 PSI. For comparison, a tiger generates around 1,000 PSI of bite force.

3. “Thresher shark tails can grow to half of their body length. Threshers use their tails as weapons to stun their prey. Thus making them the shark equivalent of a double-edged sword.”


4. "Hammerhead sharks' oddly shaped heads, called cephalofoils, aren't just for show. They are equipped with electrical sensors, which make hammerheads superior hunters."


5. “Some sharks can cycle through up to 35,000 teeth in their lifetime."


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All facts found from our friends over @discovery 

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