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July 24, 2017 1 Comment


I have a ton of ISlides but I definitely have a special attachment to this pair with the ISlide logo on our Orange Crush slides. I started at ISlide in August 2013 having really struggled to find a job after college. Justin and the team took a chance on me and brought me in to help out.

Those were crazy times because we had to start up a brand from scratch not having a great idea of who we were and how we were going to be successful.


We would just grind and try anything we could to build a following and get our slides on people’s feet. I got these slides a couple months after I started because I couldn’t have been more excited about working with a great group of people that believed in me and within a company that I believed in so strongly. I wanted to show that ISlide was truly one of the things I stood for.

Things are a little different now in a new headquarters with a ton more people but the brand still stands for the same things and we still have the same attitude as a collective group.

I often look to these slides for motivation because they remind me of how excited we were to be introducing this product to the world and how hard we had to work to get to where we are now.


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Jason Splaine
Jason Splaine

June 02, 2022

<3 love you steve

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