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I Slide For #4 : Lisa // The Lion Tattoo

June 19, 2017

I Slide For #4 : Lisa // The Lion Tattoo

My lion tattoo is inspired by a hybrid of my upbringing & my competitive nature. I was raised in the "concrete jungle," NYC. More than any other city in the world, it's filled with the most competitive and passionate people. I truly believe that an individual is a direct product of their environment and growing up there, it's hard not to have those qualities rub off on you.


If you asked anyone who knew me throughout my basketball career they would say my passion for the game , my will to compete and carry my team through the trenches were my distinct assets. I was always the smallest one on the court , but I carried myself like I was the biggest one out there. 
The Lion in essence is very similar in nature. They reign supreme in the jungle even though they are not necessarily the biggest. Every day they are posed with the challenge of pure survival for not only themselves but for their pack. 
That's the same mindset I challenge myself to bring everyday. Just like my tattoo, my ISlides are a symbol to truly remind myself to keep that same passion and drive I had on the court towards other goals in my life, while never forgetting where I came from. 

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