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Two Ways to Slide: "Design Your Own" and "the Shop"

June 14, 2017

Two Ways to Slide: "Design Your Own" and "the Shop"

ISlide is all about self-expression, and showcasing what you stand for. Whether that’s something in your life, sports, your favorite cartoon or whatever floats your boat, you can put it on a pair of slides.

With the endless choices a customer can design, we understand it’s not always the easiest in coming up with what to create. This is why we have two options on our website: Design Your Own and the Shop. Below, we’ll help guide you to the right option for you.

1. Design Your Own- This option opens up an array of creativity for any person because it is limitless as to what you can create on the slide. With our company, we want to make sure that everyone’s voice and story are told in their own way, and as a result, the “design your own” is our core. With design your own, you can express anything you choose, from words, images, your own drawings, to NBA teams, Nickelodeon characters, emojis and more. The variety of slide creations that leave our office are all unique and special because they’re made by YOU.


2. The Shop- Now, if you’re anything like me, I am not very good at making decisions.  Anyone that is in this same boat when making a pair of slides, we send to the Shop. The Shop lets any individual choose pre-designed slides. They are broken down by category, and are always being updated with new designs and characters. Our in-house team uses innovation and inspiration with every design that goes onto the Shop, so that all consumers can find a pair of slides that relates to them. They could even be used as inspiration before designing your own.

Did You Know: Whether you design your own, or purchase from the Shop, each and every pair of ISlides are made to order!

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