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Will it be Revenge?

June 06, 2017

Will it be Revenge?

One of the company’s favorite times of the year is the NBA Finals. This week there is major hype all around the Finals since two of the NBA’s most popular teams -the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers- head into Game 3 on Wednesday.
The Warriors record last year was 79-6 and the Cavaliers 57-25. Both teams battled to receive the coveted title, but in the end the Cavaliers pulled out on top. Now, it's that time again and and both teams return to the biggest stage! The Cavaliers find themselves in a hole for the second time, but we know how that ended last year. Everyone is anxiously awaiting if the Warriors will get the sweet revenge that they fell short off just a year ago. Currently, the Warriors are up 2-0, but we know King James ain’t going down without a fight.

So what do you think? We wanna see who you think will win these Finals! Visit our YouTube channel to check out our exclusive videos, and slide into your week with some new slides to rep your team. Below are some suggestions of some of our favorite pairs for those die-hard Cavs and Warriors fans out there!
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